This faucet works with power mining that you can get doing shortlinks, faucet, offerwall or also you can exchange EC TOKENS for power mining.
As much as you want, with more power mining you will earn more
Yes, it depends, so if the cryptocurrencie loses value you will earn more in opposite case if the cryptocurrencie increases its value you will earn less
You can earn EC TOKENS in shortlinks, Powermining faucet, EC token faucet and also you can buy them.

Power mining faucet (1 EC TOKEN for every claim)

Shortlinks (5 EC TOKEN for every claim)

EC tokens faucet

Yes, you can, just need set a porcentaje on that coin from the dashboard
The withdraw is automatic however you need to reach the minimum amount to withdraw.
You first need to have that coin activated in your dashboard and go to airdrop section to invest your EC TOKENS in that airdrop when the airdrop ends you will be able to claim the rewards in ended airdrop section.

Take in count that you will earn a part of that airdrop and that amount is determinated by the percentage of tokens that you invested against the total of all tokens invested in that airdrop
Yes, of course we are open to new ideas and also to bugs reports.